XAFS Tutorial documents

tutorial documents

These are some of Grant Bunker's Tutorials on XAFS

News: My book "Introduction to XAFS" is now available from Cambridge University Press for sale in the UK; it will be available in the U.S. in February 2010. The book is intended to serve as a readable and coherent introduction for researchers (e.g. chemistry and physics graduate students) who are just starting XAFS-based research. It covers the basics of experiment, theory, and data analysis, with concise examples in Mathematica 7, a good quantity of new and previously unpublished material, and pointers to more detailed treatments where such things are available. Companion and more extensive material such as data analysis examples using various programs, and source code in Mathematica 7 is/will be posted on this web site.

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    Below is a motley collection of documents that I have written over the last N years to assist in training of newcomers to XAFS. I hope that some of the contents will be of interest to experienced XAFS experimenters as well.

    These documents are all works in progress and should be considered as drafts, so Caveat Emptor. Even in their primitive forms they have proven useful. I am continually adding to this collection of documents and revising them. If you find errors or have comments, please email me at bunker@iit.edu

    Most of these documents are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.
    Mathematica notebooks can be read with the free Mathematica Player program from Wolfram Research.

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